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Judge Rosselle Pekelis


April 11, 1986–April 24, 1995

Appointed by Governor Gardner; Resigned to accept appointment to Supreme Court

Judge Pekelis was born in Florence, Italy, grew up in suburban New York, and went to law school in Missouri, where she was a faculty wife and mother of three young children. Right after graduation from law school, she and her family moved to Seattle, where she joined the firm of MacDonald, Hoague & Bayless first, then later the Helsell firm.

Judge Pekelis was appointed to King County Superior court in 1981 by Governor Dixy Lee Ray. During her second term, Governor Booth Gardner appointed her to Division I of the Court of Appeals, where she served from 1986 to 1995 until she was appointed to the Washington State Supreme Court by Governor Mike Lowry. She is now retired.


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