Court Forms: Misdemeanor Judgment and Sentencing

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Misdemeanor Judgment and Sentencing
Misdemeanor Judgment and Sentencing

Use the following forms to ask the court for relief from the duty to register as a sex offender or kidnapping offender; or for exemption from community notification requirements.

Form Title Download Revised
3. Rights of Defendants - CrRLJ 03
CrRLJ 03.0100 Waiver of Counsel (WVC)   07/2011
CrRLJ 03.0400 Rights, Conditions and Warnings (DUI/PHYSICAL CONTROL) (for use with form CrRLJ 07.0100)   09/2015
CrRLJ 03.0410 Rights, Conditions and Warnings (for use with form CrRLJ 07.0110)   09/2015
4. Procedures Prior to Trial – CrRLJ 04
CrRLJ 04.0200 "Offender Registration" Attachment   07/2015
CrRLJ 04.0300 Conditions of Release for Impaired Driving Offense   09/2015
CrRLJ 04.0310 Declaration to not Operate any Motor Vehicle without an Ignition Interlock Device   09/2015
CrRLJ 04.0350 Order Confirming Release of Ignition Interlock Device Restriction   09/2015
CrRLJ 04.0500 Home Detention Order (HDOR)   07/2015
7. Judgment and Sentencing - CrRLJ 07
CrRLJ 07.0100 Judgment and Sentence Form DUI Physical Control   09/2015
CrRLJ 07.0110 Judgment and Sentence Form (JS)   07/2015
CrRLJ 07.0200 Supplemental Record of Sentencing Proceedings (SRSP)   06/2002
CrRLJ 07.0400 Certificate of Defendant's Criminal History (CERTDCH)   09/2011
CrRLJ 07.0500 Standing Order of Requirements for Defendants Prohibited from Operating a Vehicle that is not Equipped with a Functioning Ignition Interlock Device (ORIID)   09/2015
CrRLJ 07.0600 Order Allowing Community Service Work in Lieu of Payment, Incarceration, Criminal, Infraction (ORACS)   06/2002
CrRLJ 07.0610 Community Service Time Chart (COMSERV)   06/2002
CrRLJ 07.0700 Payment Agreement (PAYAGR)   12/2000
CrRLJ 07.0800 Notice of Ineligibility to Possess Firearm (NTIPF)   02/2016
CrRLJ 07.0950 Harassment No-Contact Order   07/2013
CrRLJ 07.0960 Stalking No-Contact Order   07/2013
CrRLJ 07.0970 Sexual Assault Protection Order   06/2014
CrRLJ 07.1000 Order of Dismissal (ORDSM)   12/2000
Records - CrRLJ 09
CrRLJ 09.0100 Motion and Declaration for Order Vacating Conviction   06/2014
CrRLJ 09.0120 Prostitution Conviction Attachment   06/2014
CrRLJ 09.0150 Notice of Hearing   06/2014
CrRLJ 09.0200 Order on Motion Re: Vacating Conviction   06/2014
CrRLJ 09.0300 Vacation of Misdemeanor and Gross Misdemeanor Convictions - Information Sheet   06/2014
Relief from Offender Registration Requirements
RR 01.0100 Petition for [ ] Relief from the Duty to Register [ ] Exemption from Community Notification (PT)   07/2015
RR 01.0200 Note for Hearing (NTHG)   07/2011
RR 01.0250 Declaration of Service (DCLR)   06/2010
RR 01.0400 Order Granting [ ] Relief from the Duty to Register [ ] Exemption from Community Notification (ORGRDR, ORGECN, ORDYMT)   07/2015

Note: Additional documents may be required by local county superior court rules.

Important: To obtain legal advice you should hire a lawyer (for “full service” representation or for “limited” representation) or, if you cannot afford one, contact a low cost or free legal service program. For a referral to a lawyer or a legal service program, call CLEAR (888) 201-1014. If you are the victim of domestic violence, you may also obtain assistance from the Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 562-6025. Your county may also have a courthouse facilitator who cannot provide legal advice, but who can offer limited assistance in completing necessary paperwork. This list of forms is not legal advice and is provided only for reference purposes.

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