201 - Ability to pull amount owing into payment engines

Request Status Summary
Request Status Awaiting Analysis
Status Comment 4/28/2014 - Original request fulfilled. Will replace this request with overarching request for real time data, then complete this one.
Request Detail
Requestor Name:
   Dean, Heather L
Origination Date:
Recommended Endorser:
   District and Municipal Court Management Association
Request Type: Change or Enhancement
Which Systems are affected? Judicial Information System (JIS)
Business Area: Accounting
Communities Impacted: County Clerks
CLJ Judges
CLJ Managers
Public and Other Users
Impact if not Resolved: Medium
Impact Description:
Since courts cannot pull the amount owing from JIS when we set up on-line payment engines defendants are able to enter the amount they think they owe resulting in overpayment and underpayments.
What is the Business Problem or Opportunity
When courts of limited jurisdication set up e-commernce payment engine for the public to pay on their tickets/citations courts are unable to pull the amount owing i.e. there is no method to pull from JIS the amount a defendant owes. Therefore, when a court sets up a payment site there is no method for us to notify a defendant how much they owe.
Expected Benefit:
The public would be able to know how much they owe a court of limited jurisdication on their e-payment engine sites.
Endorsement Detail
Endorsing Committee
   District and Municipal Court Management Association
Endorser Name:
   Marr, Cynthia D
Origination Date:
Endorsing Action: Endorsed
Endorser’s Explanation and Comments
Providing defendants with accurate information is essential. As many courts employ e-Commerce solutions, enabling access to current or near-current account balance information is essential and builds public trust and confidence.

Due to the high impact and breath of benefits, and at the consensus of the endorsing group, this request endorsed.

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