68 - Allow Full Print on Docket Public View Rather than Screen Prints

Request Status Summary
Request Status Authorized
Status Comment Authorized by the Administrator on April 12th, 2011. Pending scheduling.
Request Detail
Requestor Name:
   Seymour, Katheryn R
Origination Date:
Recommended Endorser:
   District and Municipal Court Management Association
Request Type: Change or Enhancement
Which Systems are affected? Judicial Information System (JIS)
Business Area: Court Case Management
Communities Impacted: CLJ Managers
Impact if not Resolved: Medium
What is the Business Problem or Opportunity

Currently Public View of Docket only has capability to do screen prints. It would be very helpfull to be able to select option to prin the full docket similar to Court View of Docket is currently set up.

Expected Benefit:

Decrease staff time spent in doing screen prints for public disclosure requests and ensuring that all screen were printed, etc.

Endorsement Detail
Endorsing Committee
   District and Municipal Court Management Association
Endorser Name:
   Vance, Aimee R
Origination Date:
Endorsing Action: Endorsed
AOC Analysis Detail
Analysis Date: 02/17/2011
Request Rationale
Aligns with JIS Business Priorities, IT Strategies & Plans: Yes
Aligns with applicable policies and with ISD Standards: Yes
Breadth of Solution Benefit: Wide
Cost Estimates
Cost to Implement? 409 hours
Projected Maintenance cost? None
Feasibility Study needed? No
Court Level User Group
Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
Approving Authority Administrator
Request Summary:

This request is for an enhancement to allow the Public View of Docket to print the full docket instead of the screen print that is now available. This would function like the Court View of Docket.

Business Impacts:

This enhancement would decrease staff time spent printing screens for public disclosure requests.

Summary of Proposed Solution

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) would create a public view of the current Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (CLJ) Printed Docket Report, which could be printed by court staff. The option to print this report would not be available to public users.

Proposed Solution

AOC would create a public view of the current Printed Docket Report and would create a location, either an existing or a new report submittal screen, in JIS to submit the report. The most likely location would be the Misc Reports Selection (MRS) screen. The submit screen should have the option to prepare a batch of public CDK reports, just as the Batch Printed Dockets (BPD) screen currently does.

The user would use the TPX menu to select their court domain for printing the report, just as they currently do for all their reports.

Additional Systems Affected
Judicial Information System (JIS)
Communities Impacted
CLJ Managers
Confirmation of Endorsing Action Detail
Endorsing Committee
   District and Municipal Court Management Association
Endorser Name:
   Vance, Aimee R
Origination Date:
Endorsing Action: Endorsed
Court Level User Group Decision Detail
CLUG Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
Chair of Group Cynthia Marr
Date of Decision 03/28/2011
Decision to Recommend for Approval Unamimously recommended to the approving authority
Priority Processing Status Prioritized
Request Priority 7
Request Importance Medium
Scoring Detail Score / Possible
Business Value 6.7 / 10
Relative Priority 3.6 / 10
Cost 5 /  5
Complexity/Level of Effort 10 / 10
Risk 5 /  5
Benefit / Impact 4.4 /  5
Impact of Doing Nothing .6 /  5
Total Score 35.3 / 50
Implementation Detail  – Superseded
Analysis Date: 04/13/2011
Implementation Stage Authorized

Authorized by Jeff Hall on April 12, 2011.

Implementation Detail  – Superseded
Analysis Date:
Implementation Stage Scheduled
Prioritization Option: Non-Prioritized

This enhancement is scheduled for May 19 - Jun 28, 2011.

Implementation Detail
Analysis Date:
Implementation Stage Authorized
Prioritization Option: Non-Prioritized

The previous entry indicating this request has been scheduled was entered in error. This request is still pending scheduling.

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