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Washington Supreme Court to hear First-Amendment case, two additional oral arguments at the University of Washington

February 16, 2004

In a community visit on February 19th, the Washington State Supreme Court will call the University of Washington home, hearing arguments in a total of three cases at the University’s Law School, Room 133 also known as the Toni Rembe Appellate Courtroom.


Starting at 9 a.m., Chief Justice Gerry Alexander and Justices Charles W. Johnson, Barbara A. Madsen, Richard B. Sanders, Faith Ireland, Bobbe J. Bridge, Tom Chambers, Susan Owens and Mary Fairhurst will hear the following oral arguments:  

·                  For the first case of the morning, the court will consider Kitsap County v. Mattress Outlet. In this case, the court will consider whether Kitsap County’s sign ordinance, as interpreted by the trial court to prohibit a business from hiring persons to wear outfits with flat advertising signs off the business premises, is either unconstitutionally vague or unconstitutionally overbroad.

·                  The second case for the morning will be State of Washington v. Thomas Mullin-Coston.  In this case, the court will consider whether issues decided against the State in a criminal case against one defendant have an effect on later trials against codefendants.  The legal definition includes whether the doctrine of “nonmutual collateral estoppel” is applicable to criminal cases in Washington.

·                  In the afternoon, the court will consider Armen Yousoufian v. The Office of Ron Sims.  In this case, the court will consider whether the statutory daily penalty to be imposed on a public agency which fails to timely provide record requested under the Public Disclosure Act must be assessed as to each document unlawfully withheld.

 Immediately following arguments on the first two cases, the justices will answer questions from the audience, then conference on the cases in private until noon. The Court will recess for a luncheon event, and re-convene at 1:30 p.m. to hear arguments on the last case of the day.


The Washington Supreme Court has made community visits throughout the state since 1985, which are open to the public.  Though cameras and video recorders are generally allowed, the court asks that no flash, other lights, or noisy film advance mechanisms be used during the hearings.  Television crews are asked to pool coverage with TVW, Washington’s Public Affairs station.


Written opinions are rendered approximately three to six months after oral argument. For further information regarding the Court, visit the Washington Courts website at www.courts.wa.gov.


CONTACT:  Chief Justice Gerry Alexander, Washington Supreme Court 360-357-2029.


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