Washington State Court Directory: Lewis County

  Superior Court
   345 W Main St
   Fl 4 (W Main at Pacific)
   Chehalis, WA 98532-0336

   Map & Directions

   Phone: 360-740-1333
   Fax: 360-740-2603
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      James W. Lawler, Judge   360-740-1174 
      Joely A. O'Rourke, Judge   360-740-1172 
      J. Andrew Toynbee, Judge   360-740-1170 
      R. W. Buzzard, Commissioner   360-740-1200 
      Tracy Loiacono Mitchell, Commissioner   360-740-2733 
      Vacant, Commissioner  
      Susie Palmateer, Administrator   360-740-1333 ext 3 
  County Clerk
   Location: 345 W Main St
   Chehalis, WA 98532

   Mailing: 345 W Main St
   MS: CLK-01
   Chehalis, WA 98532

   Map & Directions

   Phone: 360-740-2704
   Fax: 360-748-1639
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      Scott A. Tinney, County Clerk   360-740-1287 
  Juvenile Court
   Location: 1255 SW Pacific Ave
   Chehalis, WA 98532

   Mailing: 360 NW North St MS: JUV01
   Chehalis, WA 98532-4802

   Map & Directions

   Phone: 360-740-1178
   Fax: 360-748-2258
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      Shad Hail, Administrator   360-740-2622 
      Susan Wickert, Administrative Services Manager   360-740-2623 
      Vacant, Probation Services Manager  
      Charles West, Detention Manager   360-740-2669 
  District Court
   Location: Law and Justice Center
   W Main at Pacific, Fl 3 (345 W Main St, Fl 3)
   Chehalis, WA

   Mailing: PO Box 600
   Chehalis, WA 98532-0600

   Map & Directions

   Phone: 360-740-1203
   Fax: 360-740-2779
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      R. W. Buzzard, Judge   360-740-1200 
      Wade Samuelson, Judge   360-740-1200 
      Wendy Tripp, Commissioner  
      Michael P. Roewe, Court Consultant   360-740-1200 
      Hazel Dibble, Administrator   360-740-1200 
  Municipal Courts
   Morton, Mossyrock, Pe Ell, Toledo: See Lewis County District Court
   Location: 118 W Maple St
   Centralia, WA 98531-4320

   Mailing: PO Box 609
   Centralia, WA 98531-0609

   Map & Directions

   Phone: 360-330-7667
   Fax: 360-330-7668
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      James M.B. Buzzard, Judge   360-330-7667 
      Rachel M. Dunnagan, Administrator   360-330-7667 
   350 N Market Blvd, Rm 105
   Chehalis, WA 98532-2626

   Map & Directions

   Phone: 360-345-1025
   Fax: 360-345-1050
   Office Email:
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      Dale A. McBeth, Judge   360-345-1025 
      Melody K. Guenther, Administrator   360-345-3227 
  Morton Violations Bureau Only
   See Lewis County District Court
  Mossyrock Violations Bureau Only
   See Lewis County District Court
   Location: 407 SW Birch Ave
   Napavine, WA 98532

   Mailing: PO Box 179
   Napavine, WA 98565

   Map & Directions

   Fax: 360-262-9885
   Office Email:
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      Joseph M. Mano, Jr., Judge
        PO Box 1123
        Chehalis, WA 98532
      Katie Clark, Administrator   360-262-9231 ext. 229 
  Pe Ell Violations Bureau Only
   See Lewis County District Court
  Toledo Violations Bureau Only
   See Lewis County District Court
   See Winlock Municipal Court
   Location: 323 NE 1st St
   Winlock, WA 98596

   Mailing: PO Box 777
   Winlock, WA 98596-0777

   Map & Directions

   Phone: 360-785-3811
   Office Email:
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      Steven R. Buzzard, Judge
        Location: 314 Harrison Ave, Centralia, WA 98531-4320
        Mailing: PO Box 59
        Centralia, WA 98531-0059
      Anya Egan, Clerk   360-785-3811 
  Probation Office
   Location: 345 W Main St
   Chehalis, WA 98532

   Mailing: PO Box 600
   Chehalis, WA 98532

   Map & Directions

   Phone: 360-740-1210
   Fax: 360-740-1257
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      Brandon C. Stewart, Director   360-740-1210 

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