Follow-Up Guide Home

Follow-Up Guide Home

Note to Managers:

These six lessons are designed to reinforce the content and to give the on-line course user an opportunity to practice selected skills learned from the on-line course, VINCE - Cultivating Cultural Competency. It is expecting that you, the managers, will serve as facilitators of the lessons. You have the choice of convening a group of employees after they have finished a single unit and then work through a follow-up lesson together or having employees complete all the units and then conducting the follow-up lessons over a period of months.

Depending upon the size of staff, you may decide to designate certain employees to facilitate the lessons. The lessons are written in sufficient detail that employees without experience as instructors can facilitate the lessons.

Note to Employees:

These lessons are designed to be worked through in small groups of employees. Your manager will decided how best to proceed, whether to facilitate lessons after employees have finished a specific unit or wait until all the on-line units are completed.

Download, save and/or print the entire guide in PDF format or each lesson separately:

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