Washington State Court Directory: Court of Appeals

  Division I
   600 University St
   One Union Square
   Seattle, WA 98101-1176

   Map & Directions

   Clerk's Office: 206-464-7750
   Clerk's Office Fax: 206-389-2613

      Marlin J. Appelwick, Chief Judge   206-389-3926 
      David S. Mann, Acting Chief Judge   206-464-7657 
      Beth M. Andrus, Judge   206-464-7654 
      Mary Kay Becker, Judge   206-464-7656 
      Stephen J. Dwyer, Judge   206-464-7658 
      J. Robert Leach, Judge   206-464-7423 
      Ann Schindler, Judge   206-464-7659 
      Michael S. Spearman, Judge   206-464-6047 
      Michael J. Trickey, Judge   206-464-7655 
      James Verellen, Judge   206-464-6046 
      Masako Kanazawa, Commissioner   206-464-7649 
      Mary S. Neel, Commissioner   206-464-7649 
      Jennifer Koh, Staff Attorney   206-464-7649 
      Frank Lehmann, Staff Attorney   206-464-7649 
      Susan Llorens, Staff Attorney   206-464-7649 
      Lauren Rayment, Staff Attorney   206-464-7649 
      Mark Swanson, Staff Attorney   206-464-7649 
      Richard D. Johnson, Court Administrator/Clerk   206-464-5871 
  Division II
   950 Broadway
   Ste 300, MS TB-06
   Tacoma, WA 98402-4454

   Map & Directions

   General Information: 253-593-2970
   Fax: 253-593-2806
   Office Email:

      Bradley A. Maxa, Chief Judge   253-593-2975 
      Linda CJ Lee, Acting Chief Judge   253-593-5447 
      Thomas Bjorgen, Judge   253-593-2207 
      Jill Johanson, Judge   253-593-2204 
      Rich Melnick, Judge   253-593-2974 
      Lisa L. Sutton, Judge   253-593-2976 
      Lisa Worswick, Judge   253-593-2817 
      Aurora Bearse, Commissioner   253-593-2529 
      Eric Schmidt, Commissioner   253-593-2970 
      Carolyn Zorich, Staff Attorney   253-593-2970 
      Clair Bruggeman, Senior Staff Attorney   253-593-2970 
      Michelle Chase, Senior Staff Attorney   253-593-2970 
      Peregrin K. Sorter, Staff Attorney   253-593-2970 
      Derek Byrne, Clerk/Administrator   253-593-2970 
  Division III
   500 N Cedar St
   Spokane, WA 99201-1905

   Map & Directions

   General Information: 509-456-3082
   Clerk's Office Fax: 509-456-4288
   Commissioner's Office Fax: 509-625-5544

      Laurel H. Siddoway, Presiding Chief Judge   509-456-3944 
      Robert E. Lawrence-Berrey, Chief Judge   509-625-5159 
      Rebecca L. Pennell, Acting Chief Judge   509-456-3920 
      George B. Fearing, Judge   509-456-3922 
      Kevin M. Korsmo, Judge   509-456-4034 
      Monica V. Wasson, Commissioner   509-456-3095 
      Renee Townsley, Clerk/Administrator   509-456-3082 

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