Washington State Court Directory: Administrative Office of the Courts

  Administrative Services Division
   Location: 1112 Quince St SE
   Olympia, WA 98501-2462

   Mailing: PO Box 41170
   Olympia, WA 98504-1170

   Map & Directions

   General Information: 360-753-3365
   Fax: 360-956-5700 (Main)
   Fax: 360-956-5711 (Temple)
   Visit Website

      Callie T. Dietz, State Court Administrator   360-357-2120 
      Dawn Marie Rubio, State Court Administrator   360-704-4017 
      Vacant, Executive Assistant  
  Board for Judicial Administration
      Jeanne Englert, Administrative Manager  
  Human Resources
      Jane VanCamp, Associate Director   360-705-5289 
  Judicial & Legislative Relations
      Dory L. Nicpon, Associate Director   360-357-2113 
      Genie Paquin, Senior Administrative Assistant   360-357-2112 
  Communications & Public Outreach
      Wendy K. Ferrell, Associate Director   360-705-5331 
  Court Innovation
    WA State Center for Court Research
      Carl J. McCurley, Manager   360-705-5312 
    Supreme Court Commissions
      Cynthia F. Delostrinos, Administrative Manager   360-705-5327 
  Information Services Division
      Veronica Diseth, Director   360-705-5236 
      Brian D. Elvin, Senior Administrative Assistant   360-705-5277 
  IT Security
      Terry Overton, Information Security Officer   360-704-5500 
  SC-CMS Project Section
  EDE Project Section
      Vacant, Project Manager  
  CLJ-CMS Project Section
      Michael Walsh, Project Manager   360-705-5245 
  Policy & Planning
      Keturah E. Knutson, Associate Director   360-705-5310 
  IT Applications & Operations
      Michael Keeling, Manager   360-705-5218 
  Architecture & Strategy
      Kumar Yajamanam, Manager   360-704-4004 
      Dennis Longnecker, Manager   360-705-5269 
  Data & Development Section
      Tamra L. Anderson, Manager   360-704-5540 
  Project Management/Quality Assurance Section
      C. Kevin Ammons, Manager   360-704-4085 
  Court Services Division
      Dirk A. Marler, Director   360-705-5211 
      Caroline Tawes, Senior Administrative Assistant   360-705-5307 
  Court Business Office
      Dexter Mejia, Manager   360-705-5332 
  Court Business & Technology Integration
      (Interim) Ferd Ang, Manager  
  Legal Services & Appellate Court Support
      Shannon Hinchcliffe, Manager   360-357-2124 
  Judicial Education/Conference & Curriculum
      Judith M. Anderson, Coordinator   360-705-5231 
  Management Services Division
      Ramsey Radwan, Director   360-357-2406 
      Jenny A Kropelnicki, Senior Administrative Assistant   360-704-4020 
  Financial & Budget Services
      Sam J. Knutson, Comptroller   360-704-5528 
    Budget Services Section
      Bret M. Skipworth, Court Budget Advisor  
    Financial Services Section
      Pam Kelly, Business Manager   360-705-5318 
  Guardianship & Elder Services
      Stacey R. Johnson, Manager   360-705-5302 
  Contracts/Procurement/Data Dissemination
      John Bell, Manager   360-704-4029 
    Risk Management & Public Records
      Jan Nutting, Court Program Analyst   360-705-5305 
  Staff Services Section
      Faris Sou, Manager   360-705-5309 

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