RULE 70                                                
         JUDGMENT FOR SPECIFIC ACTS; VESTING TITLE                               
    If a judgment directs a party to execute a conveyance of land or to          
deliver deeds or other documents or to perform any other specific act and        
the party fails to comply within the time specified, the court may direct        
the act to be done at the cost of the disobedient party by some other            
person appointed by the court and the act when so done has like effect as        
if done by the party. On application of the party entitled to performance,       
the clerk shall issue a writ of attachment or sequestration against the          
property of the disobedient party to compel obedience to the judgment. The       
court may also in proper cases adjudge the party in contempt. If real or         
personal property is within the state, the court in lieu of directing a          
conveyance thereof may enter a judgment divesting the title of any party         
and vesting it in others and such judgment has the effect of a conveyance        
executed in due form of law. When any order or judgment is for the delivery      
of possession, the party in whose favor it is entered is entitled to a writ      
of execution or assistance upon application to the clerk.

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