LAR 2.
                  COURT SCHEDULE – MOTIONS

Motions and other pre-trial proceedings will be scheduled
for hearing on a Law and Motion Docket, unless by prior
arrangement through the court administrator.

The calendar shall be prepared and published by the court
administrator and the presiding judge or his/her designee-
judge on a monthly basis for the ensuing six months, and
shall be distributed to the attorneys in each county and
made available to the public from the Clerks’ offices for
each of the three counties.  The Law and Motion Days and
times may be changed by the court administrator as needed to
accommodate the judges’ schedules, jury terms in each
county, and caseload demands.  Attorneys and parties are
advised to consult the calendar, the County Clerk, or the
court administrator to confirm Law and Motion Docket dates
and times prior to noting a motion.

[Adopted September 1, 1991; amended effective September 1, 2004.]

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