Washington State Court Rules : Bellingham Municipal Court

Note: This list contains only local court rules that have been filed electronically with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). Local courts should be checked to determine if there are rules that have not been filed electronically with AOC.
Table of Rules
RULE 1 Delegating Authority to Cancel Warrants and FTA'S, and Rescind Delinquent Charges
RULE 2 Mandatory Appearance and Pleadings by Attorneys
RULE 3 Trial by Jury/Pre-Trial Conference/Readiness Hearing
RULE 4 Motions And Applications - Notice - Service
RULE 5 Jury Settings
RULE 6 Written Juror Instructions
RULE 7 Voir Dire
RULE 8 Requirements for Payment of Jury Fees Upon Cancellation of Jury Trial
RULE 9 Civil Infraction - Hearing on Mitigating Circumstances
RULE 10 Procedures for Quashing Bench Warrants
RULE 11 Procedure at Contested Hearings
RULE 12 Payment of Fines and Penalties
RULE 13 Weapons in Court Building Prohibited
RULE 14 Court Files and Audio Tapes-Inspection and Copying Procedures
RULE 15 Bail
RULE 16 Cases of Broad Public Import
RULE 17 Emergency Closures
RULE 18 Oaths of Interpreters and Prosecutors
RULE 19 Jail and Jail Alternatives
RULE 20 Electronic Filing of Law Enforcement Reports
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