Washington State Court Rules : Yakima Municipal Court

Note: This list contains only local court rules that have been filed electronically with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). Local courts should be checked to determine if there are rules that have not been filed electronically with AOC.
Table of Rules

YMLAR 1.1 Preamble
YMLAR 1.2 Citation
YMLAR 1.3 Place of Court
YMLAR 1.4 Sessions
YMLAR 1.5 Order of Docket
YMLAR 1.6 Office Hours
YMLAR 1.7 Probation Department
YMLAR 1.8 Judges Pro Tempore
YMLAR 9 Disclosure of Records

Rules for Appeal
YMLRA 6.3 Transcription or Copies of Recording

Civil Rules

Criminal Rules
YMLCrRLJ 2.5 Procedure on Failure to Obey Citation and Notice
YMLCrRLJ 3.1(e) Withdrawal of Lawyer
YMLCrRLJ 3.2 Release of Accused
YMLCrRLJ 3.3 Time for Trial
YMLCrRLJ 3.4 Mandatory Appearance
YMLCrRLJ 4.1 Arraignment
YMLCrR 4.2 Pleas
YMLCrRLJ 4.11 Status Conference
YMLCrRLJ 6.1.1 Trial by Jury
YMLCrRLJ 8.2(a) Motions

YMLIR 2.4 Response to Notice
YMLIR 2.6 Scheduling of Hearings
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