Minority and Justice Commission
Meeting Minutes

Workforce Diversity Sub-Committee

Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2000
1:00 PM

Judge Deborah D. Fleck, Chairperson, Presiding

Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Judge Deborah D. Fleck at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Persons participating in the meeting were: Judge Deborah D. Fleck, Judge Richard A. Jones, Tony Orange, Kenneth Payson, Jeffrey C. Sullivan, Jeffrey A. Beaver, Ms. Mary I. Yu, and Ms. Donna V. McConnell.

Persons not participating (with excused absences) were: Judge LeRoy McCullough, Guadalupe Gamboa, Ms. Lourdes Fuentes, Ms. Kazzie Katayama, Ms. Madelyn Botta, Robert C. Boruchowitz, David J. Della, Ms. Kim M. Eaton, Ms. Terry Mark and Ms. Mary Yu


October 20, 1999 Meeting Minutes

Judge Deborah D. Fleck asked the Workforce Diversity Subcommittee for approval of the October 20, 1999 minutes. The subcommittee approved the minutes by common consent, subject to necessary editorial revisions and the correction of one sentence on page two of the minutes.

Review Notebook Project Proposals

The subcommittee began its review of proposals it received for the development of a workforce diversity recruitment and retention notebook. After completing the review and engaging in a discussion, the subcommittee decided to invite representatives of the institutions for a video teleconference interview. Ms. McConnell will make arrangements for the meeting.

Fall 2000 Speaker

Ms. McConnell reported to the Workforce Diversity Subcommittee that Justice Charles Z. Smith has been unable to make contact with staff in the office of Governor Parris N. Glendening, State of Maryland. Judge Richard A. Jones will talk to Justice Smith about one of the Workforce Diversity subcommittee members extending the invitation through a contact she has with Washington State Governor Gary Locke.

Computerized Resource Directory

Kenneth Payson reported that several subcommittee members provided feedback on the present directory link Ms. McConnell sent to the Workforce Diversity Subcommittee. A new employee at the Administrator for the Courts, Kevin Linn is the staff person working on the project. Mr. Linn received the directory as his first active assignment. The subcommittee agreed that, in addition to resource information, the on-line directory should include the informational text from the hard copy directory (e.g. definitions of ethnic groups, recruiting people of color). Judge Fleck asked that information be distributed through the subcommittee's listserv on when the directory will be complete and ready for public access.

Employment Opportunities Presentation

Judge Richard A. Jones reported that the Young Lawyer Division of the Washington State Bar Association has offered to fund the project he and Judge LeRoy McCullough are coordinating for high school-age students. Both the Asian Bar and the Loren Miller Bar Associations have presented similar programs using acting vignettes and a game show concept.

The project will be piloted in Seattle in May or June 2000, duplicated in Spokane during Celebration 2000 in September, and in the Tri-Cities and Yakima area during October 2000. Judge Jones will schedule the September program near the time the Commission will hold its meeting in Spokane. Ms. McConnell will let him know when that meeting is scheduled.

Judge Jones, Judge McCullough, and Tony Orange will seek involvement from the Hispanic Bar association and from other groups who might wish to provide other resources. Possible expenses for the program include engraved pencils or pens, refreshments, and t-shirts for the students. A representative from each participating group might be invited onto the Commission as a Technical Support member.

Expanding the Definition of "Workforce"

Judge Fleck will attempt to be contact with Commission Technical Support member José Gaitán on previous discussions they have had on access to court appointments that occur most frequently in the ex parte department. Judge Fleck is interested in addressing opportunities lawyers have for various assignments.

Minority Bar Information Distribution

Jeffrey Beaver and Mr. Payson have developed a list of contact persons and have drafted a letter to minority bar associations. Ms. McConnell will clarify with Justice Smith whether the Outreach subcommittee previously formed a formal relationship between the minority bars and the Minority and Justice Commission. At the least, a connection might provide a vehicle to exchange.

Law Clerk Extern Program

Judge Fleck plans to contact the other law school deans about the development of an externship program to benefit a diverse student population and judges in the King County area.

Disseminating Commission Products

Judge Fleck introduced the idea of the King County Superior Court judges who serve on the Commission making a presentation to discuss and disseminate research reports the Commission has published over the years. Judge Fleck, Judge Jones, and Judge McCullough will work on the project.

Bar Association Board of Governors

Ms. Mary I. Yu asked if the Commission wanted to take a position on minority representation on the Washington Bar Association Board of Governors. The Commission could take a leadership role in opening the discussions.


The meeting was adjourned at 315 in the afternoon.

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