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Chapters 9.94A and 9.94B RCW
Sentencing Reform Act of 1981
Applicable to Crimes Committed From June 1, 2012 - June 6, 2012


Table 3 — Drug offense sentencing grid.






Offender Score

0 to 2

Offender Score

3 to 5

Offender Score

6 to 9 or more


51 to 68 months

68 to 100 months

100 to 120 months


12 to 20 months

20 to 60 months

60 to 120 months


0 to 6 months

6 to 18 months

12 to 24 months

References to months represent the standard sentence ranges. 12 equals one year and one day.

     (2) The court may utilize any other sanctions or alternatives as authorized by law, including but not limited to the special drug offender sentencing alternative under RCW 9.94A.660 or drug court under RCW 2.28.170.

     (3) Nothing in this section creates an entitlement for a criminal defendant to any specific sanction, alternative, sentence option, or substance abuse treatment.

[2002 c 290 § 8.]


     Intent -- 2002 c 290: "It is the intent of the legislature to increase the use of effective substance abuse treatment for defendants and offenders in Washington in order to make frugal use of state and local resources, thus reducing recidivism and increasing the likelihood that defendants and offenders will become productive and law-abiding persons. The legislature recognizes that substance abuse treatment can be effective if it is well planned and involves adequate monitoring, and that substance abuse and addiction is a public safety and public health issue that must be more effectively addressed if recidivism is to be reduced. The legislature intends that sentences for drug offenses accurately reflect the adverse impact of substance abuse and addiction on public safety, that the public must have protection from violent offenders, and further intends that such sentences be based on policies that are supported by research and public policy goals established by the legislature." [2002 c 290 § 1.]

     Effectiveness report: "The Washington state institute for public policy shall evaluate the effectiveness of the drug offense sentencing grid in reducing recidivism and its financial impact. The Washington state institute for public policy shall present a preliminary report to the legislature by December 1, 2007, and shall present a final report regarding long-term recidivism and its financial impacts to the legislature by December 1, 2008." [2002 c 290 § 24.]

     Effective date -- 2002 c 290 §§ 7-11 and 14-023: See note following RCW 9.94A.515.

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