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Chapters 9.94A and 9.94B RCW
Sentencing Reform Act of 1981
Applicable to Crimes Committed From June 10, 2010 - April 28, 2011

9.94A.616 [Recodified as RCW 72.09.716]
Prisoner escape, release, or furlough — Requests for notification.

Requests for notification under RCW 72.09.712 shall be made by sending a written request by certified mail directly to the department of corrections and giving the defendant's name, the name of the county in which the trial took place, and the month of the trial. Notification information and necessary forms shall be available through the department of corrections, county prosecutors' offices, and other agencies as deemed appropriate by the department of corrections.

[2008 c 231 § 56(1); 1985 c 346 § 3. Formerly RCW 9.94A.157.]

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