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Chapter 9.94A RCW
Sentencing Reform Act of 1981
Applicable to Crimes Committed From June 13, 2002 to June 30, 2002


RCW 9.94A.431
Plea agreements -- Information to court -- Approval or disapproval -- Sentencing judge not bound.

(1) If a plea agreement has been reached by the prosecutor and the defendant pursuant to *RCW 9.94A.421, they shall at the time of the defendant's plea state to the court, on the record, the nature of the agreement and the reasons for the agreement. The prosecutor shall inform the court on the record whether the victim or victims of all crimes against persons, as defined in *RCW 9.94A.411, covered by the plea agreement have expressed any objections to or comments on the nature of and reasons for the plea agreement. The court, at the time of the plea, shall determine if the agreement is consistent with the interests of justice and with the prosecuting standards. If the court determines it is not consistent with the interests of justice and with the prosecuting standards, the court shall, on the record, inform the defendant and the prosecutor that they are not bound by the agreement and that the defendant may withdraw the defendant's plea of guilty, if one has been made, and enter a plea of not guilty.

(2) The sentencing judge is not bound by any recommendations contained in an allowed plea agreement and the defendant shall be so informed at the time of plea.

[1995 c 288 § 2; 1984 c 209 § 4; 1981 c 137 § 9. Formerly RCW 9.94A.090.]


*Reviser's note: These RCW references have been corrected to reflect the reorganization of chapter 9.94A RCW by 2001 c 10 § 6.

Effective dates -- 1984 c 209: See note following RCW 9.94A.030.

Effective date -- 1981 c 137: See RCW 9.94A.905.

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