LARLJ 6B                                               
       CONTINUANCE OF MEDIATION OR SMALL CLAIM TRIAL                             
    The party requesting the continuance must contact the other party who        
must also agree to the continuance. Both parties must contact the Court in       
person or by telephone.                                                          
    If one party will not agree to the continuance, the party seeking the        
continuance may make a written motion for continuance and set a hearing          
date prior to the scheduled mediation or trial date. The motion and notice       
of hearing must be served on the opposing party not less than five days          
prior to the date set for the motion to continue. At the hearing, the            
Judicial Officer will make the ruling if the matter will be continued.           
    If there are less than five days prior to the mediation or trial date        
to serve the opposing party, the party requesting the continuance may            
contact the Court to explain the circumstances which require the mediation       
or trial to be continued. The matter may be continued by the Court upon          
showing of good cause.

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